White-label exchange platform, Birake has disclosed a new campaign which will allow members of its community to vote a coin to be listed on the exchange network. The new campaign dubbed “Birake Community Coin” will see that one coin gets listed on Birake’s network of exchanges for 4 weeks.

Similar to other community coin voting processes on other exchanges, the coin with the highest number of votes will take the spotlight. What this means is that you could get your favorite coin listed by voting.

In order to participate in the voting process, you will have to join the exchange’s Discord channel and suggest a possible coin under the #coins-to-vote section. The top coin will be listed, while the first runner up will be automatically included in the voting campaign of the next week.

Voting will commence on Monday, March 11 and run until Sunday, March 17.

Considering the fact that paying to get listed on an exchange can become a herculean task for new cryptocurrencies with a limited budget, one can only hope that the campaign favors deserving projects. Winners will be saving up to 0.8 BTC in value. Birake’s standard fee option cost 0.8 BTC, which the fast track is around 1.1 BTC.

Birake’s network comprises of 7 exchanges including Birake, Midex, Zer-dex, Stardex, SNode, Tokenhouse and TUAN Exchange. The most voted coins will benefit from listing on these exchanges.