Birake, a white-label exchange platform that is working towards building a network of interconnected crypto exchanges, has announced changes to their pricing structure. The company revealed this in an official tweet:

We decided to change the price structure for the exchange platform. We had some issues with monthly fees, initial setup and we decided to make it easier. Right now, the prices are yearly and no monthly fee or setup fee.

As stated in the tweet, the cost of building and hosting an exchange on the Birake network will now be paid yearly, instead of monthly. In line with this recent pricing, Birake offers 4 tiers of pricing packages to customers, each with varying degree of functionality. The lowest package costs 120,000 BIR annually, while the highest package sells at 480,000 annually.

Updated Price Plan of Birake

Birake is trying to eliminate the risk and high cost associated with developing and launching a cryptocurrency exchange. In addition to hiring an experienced developer to build a crypto exchange, crypto businesses have to worry about marketing, liquidity, and ready-on-hand support. Birake simplifies this process by allowing crypto teams to build and launch their crypto exchange in just a few clicks. Additionally, the Birake network comprises of a network of exchanges having shared and comprehensive order books.