Birake has announced a new addition to the list of exchanges on its network. Making the announcement on Medium, the team expressed their excitement in welcoming CryptoFuse as the 8thexchange joining the network. In addition to CryptoFuse, the network comprises of Birake, Zer-dex, Midex, Stardex, Tokenhouse, SNode and TUAN Exchange.

CryptoFuse is such a big deal because the exchange opens the door to reach customers in Korea. South Koreans have been major players in the crypto space despite regulatory restrictions. CryptoFuse has been approved to operate in the region by the Korean Blockchain Association, an institution in charge of supervising blockchain and cryptocurrency activities in Korea.

The CEO of Birake, Bogdan Mavrodin said:

Having a partner in such dynamic crypto economy will only bring added value to Birake and its investors. Birake global network exchange will share its orderbook with, providing stable liquidity to investors by integrating CryptoFuse, and other future partner exchanges to Birake network brand.

Birake's innovative shared exchange network enables a shared central database across exchanges. All exchanges and users on the network benefit from a cross networked order book, instant liquidity and shared library of listed coins.