Bitcoin Green launched the Roots Network in September 2018 as a marketing effort to foster the adoption of the cryptocurrency. Members of the community are incentivized for participating in growing the network and completing objectives.

The Roots Network is a bounty-driven, community-based awareness campaign. Our hope is to fill the network’s ranks with members of the community who are passionate about Bitcoin Green’s mission and want to help drive adoption and outreach.

Since the launch of the program, over 250 Root Network bounties have been processed and the community has more than doubled in size.

Although the Roots Network has been largely successful since its launch six months ago, Bitcoin Green is intensifying efforts to further boost community engagement, attract new members and reward content creators. In line with this vision, they have launched a “Member Program.”

Participants in the Member Program will gain access to more bounties and opportunities on the network. They will receive more airdrops and special bounties which are not available to members of the public. To become a Roots member, a user needs to complete the Roots Registration Bounty. Once accepted, he will be assigned the role of a Roots Member on Discord.

The Roots Network Members Program will create a more streamlined experience for our community by improving the processing efficiency of Roots Bounty submissions. This two-tier system will drastically reduce the possibility of spam and will result in faster payments for our most important contributors.