One of the interesting things about new technology is how quickly it evolves and advances. In the last few years, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in general are trying to improve on existing frameworks. While Bitcoin pioneered the use of blockchain for financial transactions, other projects have introduced concepts like smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, masternodes, and autonomous governance or organizations, amongst others.

Bitcoin Green $BITG as the name suggests, is a “green – (environment-friendly)” version of Bitcoin. The blockchain project takes the original model of Satoshi Nakamoto, and improves on its sustainability.

It is no news that Bitcoin mining is energy-intensive. In the last few years, BTC mining has moved from CPUs to GPUs, and now ASICs, requiring more power and electricity. According to Bitcoin Green, “[they are] a decentralized, peer-to-peer transactional currency designed to offer a solution to the problematic exponential increase in energy consumed by Bitcoin and other proof-of-work currencies.” They are doing two unique things; using proof of stake (PoS) consensus algorithm to solve Bitcoin’s current scalability and sustainability problems, as well as enabling mining on CPUs by eliminating the need for specialized equipment.

The blockchain project has released their PoS exchange, which allows users to earn from PoS and masternodes while trading, while skipping the technical aspects. They confirmed their launch in an official tweet:

We are excited to announce the Launch of @Bitgex_Official - the $BITG proof-of-stake exchange: You can now create an account, submit coins for vote, and share your referral link to earn rewards for growing the community!