The BitGreen team has released a roadmap to the second iteration of its mobile app. Version 2 (v2) is expected to push the utility of BitGreen to new levels by providing a robust user experience without compromising on privacy and security.

We believe that mass adoption can only take place when we have a compelling mobile-first presence. This means the ability to unlock and participate in the full BitGreen ecosystem directly from the app.

That being said, BitGreen mobile v2 will feature several core upgrades. Firstly, the new version will employ Quokka as its API proxy between the new blockchain and other applications. The app will also utilize polkadot.js for key management instead of BitgreenJS. Furthermore, the upcoming upgrade will rely on a single trusted cloud-based API to avoid downtimes.

According to the roadmap, BitGreen will be adding several other features to the core functionality. These include the ability to explore and earn from actions posted in the ecosystem, cross-compatibility of seed-phrase between the mobile, desktop, and web wallet, in-app staking, and a dedicated support center.

To push the virality of the upcoming app, the devs have included a plethora of tools and incentives for sharing content on social media. The BitGreen Foundation will also be introducing a bounty program, which includes promotions and a referral program.

In conclusion, the timeline for the release of v2 has been set to the end of Q2.