BitGreen has unveiled its new wallet UI following announcements of a rebrand earlier in May. The wallet which will serve as a focal point for BitGreen’s services has been under development for a while, integrating feedback from members of the community.

The new interface includes a variety of brand new features, as well as a user interface for new functionalities which are currently under development. We have designed the new wallet interface to fully leverage the Green Protocol’s unique capabilities.

Some of the features of the new UI include a redesigned homepage, a page to track staking rewards, in-wallet airdrop option, and the addition of a Crowdfunding and Community Proposal tab.

The new homepage combines a plethora of features, giving users a broad overview of the BitGreen Ecosystem, as well as their activities on the network. A user can view his wallet balance and transactions from the home page. This is in addition to a news section (Community Updates).

BitGreen also decided to add a “Rewards” tab which shows staking and masternode data such as total earnings, projected earnings, and rewards gotten. With this, users will not be needing a third-party tracking platform.

The new design incorporates airdrops from the Roots Network and BITG directly into the wallet. Users can also participate in Crowdfunding and Community Proposals from the new interface. “Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding is being integrated on-chain using the masternode governance feature.