The BitGreen team has released its roadmap for the year 2020. To start the first quarter of the year, a comprehensive transparency report will be released. The report will detail past and future financial decisions by the BitGreen Foundation.

By February, BitGreen’s partnership with PolisPay is expected to yield results in a listing. Consequently, users will be able to spend their BITG coins on real-world products and services via a functional debit card.

Still in February, BitGreen is expected to officially launch its BF Initiative Teaser to highlight the need for sustainability.

The project’s Android and iOS mobile wallet are expected to go live before the end of March. The functionality of the wallet will be expanded beyond the scope of coin storage and transactions as the project progresses.

In Q2 the BitGreen team has revealed that it will be running multiple campaigns, including the Media Blitz Campaign and incentivized campaigns for Lyft and Shopify. In addition to pursuing more exchange listings in Q2, merchants should be able to accept BITG on their Shopify stores through an integration.

The UI of the BitGreen desktop wallet is expected to receive a facelift and extra features between Q2 and Q3.

Between Q3 and Q4, BitGreen will onboard around 500 merchants who will accept BITG as a payment option on their Shopify stores.