Blockchain solutions have garnered a lot of attention and gained remarkable traction in the last two years. Several top brands across various industries are beginning to explore these solutions; from logistics to medicine, transportation, gaming, sports, and agriculture, just to mention a few. There is absolutely no doubt that blockchain is set to revolutionize the world as we know it, as more and more organizations and even small and medium-scale businesses step into the playing field.

For small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), the most basic real-life use case is in the aspect of financial transactions. SMEs often have to deal with a lot of cash from customers. Blockchain offers an option to receive global payments directly from their customers, directly, securely, and almost instantly, at near-zero costs.

The immutable nature of blockchain also makes it perfect for a number of industries where the origin and authenticity of a product is required. Mark Ong for example, who is famous for customizing shoes is already using Vechain to validate his designs. Crypto Shark in a tweet about the artist, wrote:

Mark Ong of SBTG, famous for customising shoes for the likes of Kobe Bryant and Linkin Park's Mark Shinoda, will be showcasing #vechain #authenticity technology at Street Superior's Brand Showcase in Singapore this weekend.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The full potential of this tech – blockchain is still untapped, and we can only but wait to see how businesses use it.