There is every possibility that you have no clue about where your meals are coming from. The fact that some manufacturers, wholesalers, and business people are trying to rake in more profits by adding counterfeit products to the supply chain is a cause for alarm. Blockchain offers transparency and immutability. More and more companies and industry are turning to blockchain in a bid to streamline and secure business processes.

TE-FOOD which is “world's largest farm-to-table food traceability program”, has partnered with Quality Safety Monitoring (QSM) to offer food traceability to companies in Poland. They confirmed this in an official tweet:

TE-FOOD partners with QSM to offer TE-FOOD's #blockchain based food traceability solution for companies in #Poland

TE-FOOD uses blockchain to offer transparent food history to consumers, regulatory authorities, as well as all the participants in the supply chain. The company has been operational since 2016, currently serving over 6000 business customers and boasting of 400,000 business transactions every day.

This partnership will see that blockchain solutions get implemented in Poland, particularly in offering food traceability to fresh products such as eggs, milk, and meat. This is a step towards TE-FOOD’s vision of becoming the most significant international solution provider of blockchain-based fresh food traceability.

QSM is a Polish company that provides services related to the application of food law in food industry enterprises, including catering, helping to ensure food safety requirements. [The company] offers substantive support in assessing and adapting the infrastructure and production processes to the quality requirements.