Blocknet, a blockchain interoperability protocol has successfully added Sia blockchain and its storage services to its network. What this means is that other blockchains on Blocknet’s network (currently over 100) can now benefit from Sia’s storage services.

By using XRouter and custom plugins dubbed XCloud services, developers can access Sia’s APIs, opening the door to endless possibilities. For instance, a dApp created on the Ethereum blockchain can utilize Sia’s storage functionality, since Ethereum is not intrinsically suited for file storage.

XRouter is used to transfer data across blockchains. It uses a TCP/IP transfer network. Taking it a step further, XCloud is a decentralized microservice cloud network meant to cater to the uniqueness of each blockchain. Since blockchains are not the same, XCloud allows for interactions with APIs, blockchains and microservices.

Only three APIs have been made available for the first phase of the XRouter integration – Blockchain information which includes consensus, Renter services and Host information. More APIs will be added to the network as progress is made.

As development continues, one major milestone will be the creation of XRouter c++ and Golang libraries. Developers will be able to utilize these libraries without having the Blocknet client.