Blocknet, which serves as a decentralized general-purpose infrastructure for interoperability between blockchain services has announced the (mandatory) release of an updated wallet.

The new Blocknet wallet has received a complete overhaul and improved security, a more intuitive user experience, as well as expanded functionality. The company confirmed this in a Medium post from their official handle, which stated that:

An update to the Blocknet Wallet has been released that includes updates to proposal voting, coin control, Trade History and integration of Blocknet’s new XWallet technology. The development of Trade History and XWallets represent completed milestones on the Blocknet Q3 Roadmap… The focus of this release is to extend the capabilities of the Blocknet Protocol and improve the user experience within the Blocknet Wallet.


Some notable highlights of the new wallet include:

  • Automatically updated trade history hotlink
  • Removal of buried menus and hidden functions
  • Every operation can now be accessed in just 2 clicks
  • To enhance security, the new programming language in C++, rather than Electron
  • Simplified proposal viewing option
  • Easy voting for service nodes

To enjoy these exciting features, users have to upgrade their wallets to version 3.10.2. This is mandatory for Service Nodes and Block DX users.