The Bulwark team has disclosed its intention to explore the world of Smart Contracts. As a result, the project has already merged EIP-1363, is now an Ethereum standard and has also introduced a new token.

We believe it is time to open the next chapter of Bulwark Coin and move into the world of Smart Contracts.

The new token is known as Datamine (DAM) and has a maximum supply of 25,000,000 DAM, all of which will be premined from a 1:1 Bulwark (BWK) swap. All unswapped BWK tokens will be burned through a Smart Contract, thus, suggesting the possibility that the total circulating coins may be less than the max supply.

DAM is immutable and cannot be minted. There will be no proxy updates and the team believes that a capped supply is in favor of decentralization. All new features will need to go through the ERC-1363 interfaces.

Because the token implements ERC-20 and ERC-1363 standards, it will work on existing wallets and devices that support Ethereum. In-browser interaction with Carver Framework is also supported via Metamask.

The Bulwark team has also hinted that it will be creating a lock-to-lease mechanism, which will be a core smart contract that can be used by several Carver Framework applications. POS and Masternode operators will be able to use the feature to “lock-in” their DAM token in order to receive passive income through another smart contract token.