How often have you heard the question "which masternodes would you choose if you have to hold for x months?" That is what gave us the inspiration for this competition.

Each 'virtual investor' will be able to choose between 3 and 10 masternode coins to invest in. After two months, the person with the highest percentage gains on his portfolio wins.

How to participate?

  1. Follow us on Twitter!
  2. Before January first: Apply to This Form with the coins you think will perform best in the two-month timeframe (between 3-10 coins). Use the ticker symbol as listed on Masternodes.Online and separate multiple masternodes with a comma.
  3. The tracking periode will start January first and will end March first. Results will be posted on Sunday 30 December.

For example: GBX, GTM, XZX, TRC, XAP.


Because it is very complicated to track 'the most profitable masternodes' we will use the YearToDate tracking software to keep track of masternode investments including rewards. If there are any complications with the tracking, we will have the possibility to change the rules accordingly to keep the competition fun and as honest as possible.

Take into account the following rules and calculations:

  • We will start January first.
  • You have to list between 3 and 10 masternode coins. These coins have to be listed on Masternodes.Online.
  • No ICO masternodes.
  • Minimum volume of $1,000 on the first day of the competition.
  • We will have biweekly updates on the competition, and plan on giving away prizes to the best portfolios.
  • We will track up to 100 accounts and will try to remove unused/spam accounts.
  • Keep in mind that this competition is supposed to be fun: We will have the right to change or cancel the competition any time if we see fit and our decision on the winners will be final and binding.
  • You will not have the ability to edit your portfolio until the end of the competition.

Portfolios will be disqualified when it includes a coin which:

  • has no price data available on the first or last day.
  • has issues with the price tracking on MNO or has been in maintenance mode.
  • we have decided to disqualify due to irregularities, price manipulation or other reasons.
  • Average volume is under $1.000 per day.


  • You will have one virtual masternode for each coin you choose.
  • We will track the price of this virtual masternode, and virtually sell the average earned stakes on a daily basis to keep account of price fluctuations.
  • For each masternode, we will subtract a virtual amount of $0.30 per day to account for hosting costs.
  • The gain percentage per masternode will be calculated as follows: ((current price of masternode in USD + earned money from stakes in USD - start price in USD) / (start price in USD)) * 100%.
  • The total gain percentage will be the sum of all masternode gain percentages divided by the number of masternodes.