CATOCoin, which claims to be the only masternode with guaranteed return on investment (ROI), has launched their online Casino. The Casino which went live a week ago allows users to gamble using their masternode cryptocurrency – $CATO. As far as we know, this makes CATOCoin the first masternode-based functional cryptocasino.

According to their website, “CatoCasino brings the excitement of a Vegas style casino at your fingertips, register and deposit your CATO to start playing immediately.”

To begin playing on the site, you will be required to sign up using your email address. Once you confirm your email address, you can log in, make your deposit, and begin gambling.


Talking about depositing funds and getting started, the team has told users:

Please send your CATO to the above deposit address and wait 6 confirmations. Always remember that per each 1 CATO sent you will be given 100 game credits. This is also true when redeeming game credits. 100 game credits will give you 1 CATO.
The site currently has 19 different games that users can choose from. The rules are mostly the same – pick a stake and then beginning betting. There are two modes – the manual and auto modes. Considering how fast things can turn sour when gambling in general, it is recommended that you stick to the manual mode.