In a bid to serve better and cover vital news and products regarding masternodes, Clicknode has been added to our Masternode Hosting Directory.

Clicknode is a masternode hosting service that simplifies the process of deploying a masternode. According to the project, “masternode hosting is no more rocket science, host your masternode now with a single click on the Clicknode platform.

Users can deploy any of the listed masternodes on the platform in 3 simple steps – send masternode collateral, install hosted VPS and start running their masternode.

Clicknode is the brainchild of Stakinglab. As a subsidiary of Stakinglab, the platform was launched with the sole objective of offering relevant services to investors and projects owners for masternode and proof of stake coins.

The Clicknode is a much-awaited user-friendly platform to help individuals host a masternode. Our excellent dashboard will provide end-to-end information about your investment. As an investor, you will be presented with intuitive graphs showing details about your daily and monthly rewards for each coin individually.

Clicknode has a sleek and user-friendly interface. Users can quickly see the number of masternodes they are running, as well as those that are online and offline from the Dashboard. Other details such as the total rewards earned in USD and BTC, the total CLIX payment in USD and daily, weekly, and monthly rewards in USD can be viewed at a glance.

Easy-to-use Interface

Furthermore, a user can streamline their search to find specific information on the masternodes they have invested in or planning to invest in.

The coin dashboard has all the coins you can invest in and you can simply click on the coin to start the masternode.

Clicknode has a plethora of masternodes that users can choose from. There is every chance that your favorite masternode coin is already listed on the platform. As at the time of writing, there were 50 masternodes on the platform.

There is also a variety of hosting plans to choose from. Clicknode masternode service currently has 4 hosting plans ranging from $0.51 to $9.9. The larger the plan, the bigger the discount gotten. The 4th plan for example, which cost $9.9 monthly, lets you save 35%.

Pricing Plan

With Clicknode added to our list of masternode hosting platforms, we now have 8 hosting services listed on Masternode Buzz (with more to follow). We currently have ZCore, GIN Platform (shared and dedicated VPS), NodeHub, Gentarium, Satoshi Solutions and Kalkulus listed. Whether you are looking for a shared, dedicated or managed VPS, you can be sure to find a one-click hosting service on the Buzz.

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