Crypto market ranking website, CoinGecko has beamed their searchlight on masternodes in their Q3 “CoinGecko Quarterly Report” PDF. Masternodes where given a chapter in the report, focusing on subjects like the top 20 and 100 masternodes, market capitalization trends in this niche, as well as related price actions. The slides and coin data was compiled by with analysis by omni-analytics.

The top 15 masternode performers according to the report comprises of Horizen (ZEN), SMART (SMART), Teloscoin (TELOS), PACcoin (PAC), DASH (DASH), Condominium Coin (CDM), Zcoin (XZC), Apollon (XAP), ALQX (XLQ), Monoeci (XMCC), GINcoin (GIN), Polis (POLIS), Wagerr (WGR), Crown (CRW), and LightPayCoin (LPC).

Horizen has the highest number of nodes, with 20595 nodes on the network, as at the time of the report. Next on the list with regards to the number of nodes is SMART, which has a little over 15,000 nodes.

Dash is the number 1 masternode cryptocurrency on the basis of market capitalization. Dash has a market cap of about $1.5 billion. It is followed by PayDayCoin, which has a cap of $477 million. Horizen which has the highest number of nodes on the network comes third in terms of market cap, having a cap of $79 million.

It is also worth noting that only Bulwark (BWK), Wagerr (WGR), and Alqo (XLQ) have shown positive returns in the last quarter. Also, the price of a lot of masternode coins have decreased by up to 80% from peak values.