Popular mobile crypto wallet app, Coinomi, has released a desktop version of their wallet. They announced this in a tweet, stating that:

We are excited to welcome the New Year with the beta release of Coinomi Desktop wallets for Windows, Linux and MacOS!!!

Coinomi is the oldest multi-asset wallet in the crypto marketplace. It was founded back in 2014, boasts of millions of active users, and supports over 500 digital assets. Interestingly, the desktop wallet supports a host of masternode coins, including Crown, Crave, Dash, Diamond, ExclusiveCoin, GoByte, Horizen, PIVX, SmartCash, SysCoin, and Zcoin, amongst others.

Preview of the Coinomi Desktop App: Supported Coins

The desktop wallet has an easy-to-use interface. Users can easily create a new wallet or restore an old one using their recovery phrase. The wallet has a “day” and “night” mode, depending on a user’s preference.

Users can recovery an old wallet or simply create a new one.

Like the mobile version, the desktop version also supports coin exchange. ShapeShift and Changelly have been integrated into the wallet, allowing users to easily exchange their coins.

Easily exchange your cryptos