Masternode hosting, monitoring and crypto escrow service, CoinWatch, has announced that they are shutting down their shared masternode hosting service. The company has cited the high costs associated with running and maintaining the shared masternode service as the reason behind the closure.

Earlier in January, the team suspended this service. They confirmed this in a tweet, stating that:

We are suspending shared masternode services due to high costs comparing to what the masternode bring is.

However, over a month later, the team has advised users to sell their shares and withdraw their coins.

4 days left for the end of the month. Please sell your shares and withdraw your coins before that date. Any coins left on 1st March will be deleted and non-refundable.

There are no details on whether CoinWatch will resume this service in the coming month. However, their full masternode hosting service along with other services like address monitoring, price alerts, and crypto payment integration is still functional.