In December 2018, blockchain project, PLAAK unveiled their fingerprint-activated hardware wallet – The Core Card. The hardware device allows users to securely and wirelessly transfer cryptos, making it suitable for day-to-day transactions, in comparison with other hardware wallets.

ColossusXT has teamed up with PLAAK to integrate COLX on the hardware wallet. Both teams have found common ground in privacy and decentralization, and these are some of the important highlights of the hardware wallet (Core Card). Personalized user information is not stored in any centralized server. The only details a user can readily pull out from the card are his available balance and battery status. This password-less and biometric authentication eliminates the risk of losing account access to fraudsters.

Preview of the fingerprint-activated hardware wallet. Source: Medium

The Core Card has a 4.2 encrypted Bluetooth connectivity, on-card fingerprint scanner, and Core app integration. Another interesting feature of the Core Card is its seamless integration with the exchange platform. Users can easily convert their digital assets to fiat currency, in places where cryptos are not supported.

It is no surprise that ColossusXT is partnering with PLAAK on hardware wallet support since one of their milestones for 2019 is to get integrated on a hardware wallet and debit card.