ColossusXT (COLX) in a bid to tackle one of the leading hurdles facing cryptocurrency adoption – liquidity, is now integrated on crypto debit card solution, PolisPay. The company announced this in a Medium post, highlighting the fact that users can now walk into any MasterCard merchant store or restaurant and pay for their purchase using COLX coins, through the PolisPay debit card.

The PolisPay debit card is essentially a MasterCard and is supported on any MasterCard-compatible ATM. With PolisPay debit card, a user can withdraw cash or make payments on one of the millions of MasterCard-supported PoS machines.

ColossusXT has gone through several rounds of testing and upgrades to ensure that there are no glitches in the integration. They demonstrated the functionality of this recent integration on December 26, by making a coffee purchasing using COLX via the PolisPay debit card.

Source Medium

Despite rigorous testing, it is worth noting that PolisPay is still in its “Beta testing” phase. At such, they are still accepting applicants to test their services. 100 beta testing slots has been given to ColossusXT and details of how these slots will be shared will be revealed in the coming weeks.

In general, the integration will increase the liquidity of COLX coins and attract more mainstream consumers to the network.