31-year old Vietnamese food manufacturer, Confidec, has entered into a partnership with blockchain food-traceability project, TE-FOOD. The partnership will see the former utilize TE-FOOD’s blockchain-based traceability system; tracking food products from farm to consumers.

Confidec is in the business of maintaining and improving frozen seafood, vegetables, and fruit products. The company boasts of 18 million USD in annual revenue, and exports to countries like the USA, Japan, and South Korea, amongst others.

TE-FOOD has always highlighted their farm-to-table solution, and the project with Confidec will fully utilize this solution. Confidec will be using TE-FOOD’s tech to monitor production activities from seedbed preparation on the fields down to when products are packaged and exported.

TE-FOOD in an official Medium post expressed their excitement on trying out their solution on a seemingly more challenging process. They stated that:

There will be exciting challenges as Cofidec is focused on processed food, which requires a lot more processes than fresh food. In fresh food, the product’s route is linear, while in processed food, there are several processes done parallelly.

Once a transaction is completed, information will be stored on the FoodChain. FoodChain has gained a lot of traction and partnership in the last few months. In December, we reported that TE-FOOD’s FoodChain was the 8th largest blockchain in the world, based on an activity ranking. FoodChain still sits at the top 10 largest blockchain (in terms of activity), as at press time.