Following the launch of Vechain’s blockchain-based medical data management platform, “E-NewHealthLife”, the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is set to store COVID-19 test results on the blockchain.

Citizens of Cyprus who visit the hospital for COVID-19 tests will have their medical data and test results uploaded onto the VeChainThor Blockchain. For the sake of privacy, records will be encrypted and hashed. Additionally, test results will be available on E-HCert application. The application could help reduce the cost of data storage and sharing.

E-NewHealthLife was developed by VeChain and I-Dante, a digital healthcare solution firm. It is believed that the solution will modernize medical data management and tackle some of the challenges faced in the healthcare sector. Some of the challenges include administrative and technical difficulties of pooling data from multiple digital records systems, privacy concerns, and a lack of collaboration between local departments.

With the help of the E-HCert App, users will be able to view immutable test results, whilst having full control over their data and medical records. This data can then be used to prove their health status, confirming whether or not they comply with local quarantine and health regulations.