CPChain announced the release of their Alpha mainnet on December 23 in an official Medium post. The project’s R&D team confirmed that they had successfully designed the basic infrastructure for private transactions and consensus agreements.

Members of the blockchain network are encouraged to test the mainnet, since the team is still open to receiving feedback on ways to improve user experience and the public chain in general. Additionally, CPChain’s team has noted that the official launch of the network’s mainnet will happen before the end of March 2019, after all the recommendations from the community has been implemented.

There are three noteworthy features associated with the launch of the Alpha version of the mainnet – private transactions, consensus and Delegated Proof of Reputation (DPoR) and finally updates to their website.

Users can securely deploy private transactions on the mainnet. With this, only the user and an agent (who acts as a certifier or middleman) will know about a private transaction process. A user can deploy a private contract, while an agent deploys public contracts on the blockchain for future verification and traceability.

Source: Medium

The mainnet employs Lightweight Byzantine Fault Tolerance (LBFT) to reach a DPoR consensus. The algorithm comprises of two parts; “a block release phase” and a “verification phase”. The protocol is bound to increase the stability and functionality of the network.

The team also note that they have updated their website with the release of Alpha Mainnet. They have added a developer and community page, a blockchain browser, as well as technical documentations.

Source: Medium