On July 24, Cyber Physical Chain (CPChain) was added to popular cryptocurrency exchange Kucoin. The cryptocurrency is available to trade with Bitcoin and Ethereum (CPC/BTC and CPC/ETH trading pairs). Confirming the listing, a tweet was made from the project’s official Twitter handle, which reads:

Cpchain is honored to be listed on the KuCoin. Glad to have another major exchange supporting us! CPChain, moving on!

CPChain which is a blockchain data infrastructure focused on building the next generation of IoT systems also announced a partnership with Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI). The partnership will help bridge the gap between blockchain tech and the emerging tech of autonomous vehicles in the automobile industry. CEO of CPChain, Dr. Long Chengnian commented on the partnership, saying that:

With the recent advancements in connected and autonomous vehicles, there is a clear need for technology that can ensure the various technologies can safely and efficiently interact with another… This is where blockchain and its immutable records have proven to be a viable solution. We’re thrilled to partner with MOBI to help create and accelerate adoption of blockchain in the automotive industry.

MOBI is a not-for-profit organization that works with several top automobile brands like BMW, General Motors, Ford, and Bosch, amongst others. The company is working towards improving the standards of the auto industry through blockchain solutions.