The past few weeks have been very tough for everyone supporting the CPChain project. With the postponement of the official main net launch, the project invited a lot of criticism as well as support from its users. In order to make up for the mishap, CPChain has announced a Pre-mainnet reward program to all its users.

The reward program is held in two separate seasons with the first season about to begin on 11 November 2018. One season lasts for 60 days and this is divided into two parts. The first 15 days is the period given to the users to apply for the rewards program and this is followed by a 45-day lock-in period.

An applicant should make sure that the number of tokens does not fall below the number of tokens specified in the application form during the lock-in period.

In order to participate, a user must hold at least 20,000 CTC tokens in his MyEtherWallet at the time of filling the application form. Once the form is submitted, you must make sure that the number of tokens does not fall short of the amount you specified in the application form. Once you satisfy these conditions, you will get your reward.

The total prize pool for a single season of the reward program is 616,438 tokens. Based on the number of tokens that you hold in your wallet to the total number of tokens of applicants participating in this event, each user will be rewarded.

The second season of this reward program starts on 7th January 2019. The same rules apply for even the second season. With two seasons of reward program, there is a lot of tokens that you can earn by simply holding your tokens in one MEW wallet.