The Chinese-registered version of CPChain, Shanghai Wurong Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, has announced a partnership with BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. The partnership places Wutong Intelligence as one of the tech suppliers of automobile behemoth.

Talks and developments between both companies started since June 2018. Wurong Intelligence had since developed a series of custom tech solutions for BMW China. Success in negotiations and multiple rounds of iterations and testing cemented business relations between both businesses by the end of 2018. Thus, making Wurong Intelligence an official technology supplier of BMW China.

Wurong will continue to work with BMW to explore more blockchain solutions in the automobile industry.

Wurong has been in existence since February 2018. Their custom solutions combine blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). The company is pioneering streamlined blockchain applications in mobility, healthcare and many other industries.

Wurong Intelligence is a high technology company specializing in blockchain technology and Internet of Things (IoT).