CROWN and CYBR, both blockchain-based businesses have entered into a mutual partnership to foster the growth and adoption of blockchain tech amongst end users and businesses. CROWN, a blockchain-as-service decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will be working with CYBR, a blockchain business focused on cybersecurity.

Whilst CROWN will be utilizing CYBR’s tech to secure smart transactions on the CROWN platform, CYBR will be exploring ways to deploy CROWN’s NFT security framework in its services.

Speaking on the partnership, the founder of CYBR, Shawn Key said:

Crown is a perfect example of the type of collaborative ethos that drives blockchain development forward. I’m excited to work with the CROWN community to help make the platform more secure for its end users and customers.

Jose, the Community CCO at CROWN added:

At the heart of Crown’s success lies the security of our Platform and its infrastructure. Partnering with CYBR gives us both the ability to analyses and verify the robustness of our systems while exploring ways of deploying security certificates for CYBR in form of NFTs.