Following the latest release of its Desktop application, PolisPay has enabled support for Crown (CRW). As a result, CRW users can now store, send, and receive their tokens on the PolisPay wallet.

The integration is expected to add more real-world utility to the Crown Platform. This is because in addition to being able to send and receive CRW, users will be exposed to a profusion of services including in-app gift card and voucher purchases, as well as phone and card top-ups.

Earlier in August 2019, the Polis team revealed that it had enabled support for a variety of products and services, buttressing the need for real-world use cases. Consequently, PolisPay allowed users to purchase vouchers and services from Vodafone, Telekom, Nintendo eShop, Amazon, Netflix, Google Play, and iTunes, amongst others. Later in December 2019, the platform launched an ePay Mastercard. The Crown community is expected to benefit from all of these features.

Whilst announcing its listing the Crown team stated that more features such as the “Shift” function (for swapping of coins) will be enabled in the new mobile versions of the app.