Crown as decided to follow a more open and transparent path as they work towards full decentralization. During a community meeting in Malta, members of the network decided to make previously private and internalized communication channels available to the public and accessible to the entire community. Additionally, active community members and prospective contributors on the network will have the opportunity to provide direct feedback and inputs regarding marketing and overall development. Prior to this time, all of these processes happened behind closed doors, away from the eyes or knowledge of the public. The team has noted that more steps will be taken to ensure increased transparency.

They noted that:

We think this change to our workflow will bring major improvements to our efficiency and, more importantly, bring in additional talent from the outside. To this end, we have been steadily redesigning our Discord server.

Those interested in contributing to the development of the project can contact the team on Discord and roles will be democratically assigned.

All these while Crown has primarily used Mattermost for communication between the dev team and enthusiasts. However, they noted that more and more users are facing sign-up challenges. This and a few other reasons fueled the decision of the team to move communication to Discord. However, their Telegram and Mattermost servers will still be active for the time being.