Crown Platform has called on the community to vote on important updates that will change the path of the blockchain project. These updates include switching to a Proof of Stake protocol, altering the percentage of block reward that goes towards their Decentralized Governance and Proposal System (DGPS), as well as the halving of the first block after 4 years.

The team has linked the need for changes to current structures to how far and well Crown has evolved in the last 1 year. The team noted that:

Back then, beginning of 2017, Crown was a small project with a hard Core of loosely associated individuals that decided to invest into further development of Crown. This effort, brought into action by some of the most engaged and veteran participants, would plant the seed for what Crown is today, a steadily growing and increasingly decentralizing ecosystem of crypto-enthusiasts, developers, merchants, entrepreneurs, designers, tinkerers, friends… that seeks to be self-sustainable and self-regulated.

To further evolve and accommodate growth, the team will be bringing in professional software developers who are rather expensive because of their high demand. This is one of the primary reasons for the call for change. They have proposed that the block rewards going to DGPS whould be raised to 20% or 25%.