Crown (CRW) has announced their listing on cryptocurrency exchange Upbit. This was confirmed in an official tweet by the CRW team, stating that:

The $CRW team is proud to announce the listing of #Crown on one of the largest exchanges in the world Upbit.

Upbit is currently South Korea’s largest crypto exchange, and as at press time, is ranked top 12 in the world, by trading volume. The exchange has over 120 coins listed.


The coin’s listing on Upbit was met with some positive excitement. The price of CRW spiked by over 150%, moving from around $0.2146 to $0.5878, according to CoinMarketCap. The dynamics of the spike in price is not rocket science. Typically, when a cryptocurrency gets listed on a major exchange or announces a major partnership, there is some activity around it. Investors and day traders will like to cash in on the news.

Still on the subject of price, CRW as expected currently sits at $0.3645, as at press time. Some investors would have without a doubt taken profits by cashing out, thus forcing the price down.


South Korea has been a major player in the cryptocurrency space and this exciting news opens the door for CRW to reach an already growing Korean community. This is one step closer to Crown’s vision of building a global and decentralized platform that promotes technological and social innovations.