The e-sports market has been dubbed a billion-dollar industry since its burst into mainstream entertainment in recent years. Statistics reveal that in 2018, the industry witnessed a total global audience of 380 million, with estimates of exceeding 550 million by 2021. The market is also expected to exceed $1.6 million in total revenue by 2021.

Little wonder why companies like Crypto Sports are attempting to bridge the gap between e-sports and cryptocurrencies – both recent and rising techs. In line with this, Crypto Sports has successfully launched its Crypto Sports Network Platform to connect gamers, developers, and gaming enthusiasts. The teamed stressed that there were zero issues during the launch and that the platform was well received by e-sports gamers and community members.

We could not be happier at the support and positivity the community has shown us during this launch process and as we continue to reach out to gamers, clans and streamers the Platform will only increase in members which leads to a greater community all striving for the same thing: To make new friends and play more games together.

Some of the features of the Crypto Sports Network Platform includes:

  1. Personalized gaming and clan profile that can be linked to social channels.
  2. Private and public chat and blog functionality to connect gamers and clans.
  3. 1 on 1 matches across the globe.
  4. New and old game tiles.

Features such as Clan Wars, official CSPN tournaments, live streaming, and an online store will be rolled as the project progresses.