In their Development Update released today at around 09:30 UTC CryptoBridge have announced that all users will now be required to accept terms of service which include an agreement to disclose their precise and true location and, for those within the US, provide Identity Verification which includes, but is not limited to:  name, place and date of birth, nationality, e-mail address, postal address and place of residency, type and number of government-issued identification document.

In an exclusive interview published today and linked into the Development Update, CryptoBridge’s Head of Marketing Scott Wehman told The Daily Chain:

We finally decided that this would be the best way to move forward safely to avoid regulatory liabilities while also expanding the range of offerings we may list significantly

CryptoBridge had previously expressed no intention of requiring Identity Verification:

Other matters addressed in the terms of service include temporary or indefinite suspension of access to the Gateway and all Services and Programs offered by the Company without prior notice, including the blocking of deposits and withdrawals on the Gateway.

Further comment on the new terms was provided by Scott Wehman in the Discord Community Chat at 11:36 UTC:  

We understand some will take a negative stance on today’s announcement. Please take the time to make a fully informed decision with all facts understood. It’s tempting to indulge a one-dimensional reaction but this is the route we’ve chosen and for solid reasons.

Of further note is that under Section 12 of the new terms, users of the CryptoBridge Discord Community agree to grant CryptoBridge, free of charge, non-exclusive rights for the use for any content (such as texts, pictures, videos) posted on the Forum for an unlimited period of time.