Despite the supposed benefits of blockchain transactions, the wide gap between the tech and using digital assets for day-to-day transactions has been one of the barriers hindering adoption. CryptoDezire is a blockchain project which aims at bridging the gap between users and the crypto industry. They are doing this by creating a platform which addresses the needs of developers while focusing on the functionality users want; from hosting domains to full and shared masternodes on private VPS, amongst other custom solutions.

Additionally, CryptoDezire offers customized and streamlined solutions to businesses who want to enter the crypto market. Their services include coin and tip bot development, airdrop deployment, marketing and coin promotion and building of block explorer.

The platform is powered by CryptoDezireCash ($CDZC), the official crypto of the network. $CDZC will be used as a means of payment on the CryptoDezire platform.

CryptoDezireCash is a first step to launch a decentralized ecosystem of digital services.

Key Features

Some of the core features of the CryptoDezire platform are highlighted below.

  • A robust ecosystem which will support multiple blockchain platforms and cryptos.
  • Secure and transparent universal payment
  • Permissionless framework
  • Proof of Stake and masternode-enabled

Roadmap, Milestones and MVP

CryptoDezire has reached some remarkable milestones since its inception in 2018. The project has been able to through core wallet development, implement of zerocoin protocol, launch their mainnet and get listed on multiple exchanges. The launch of their mobile wallet in 2019 is also a noteworthy feat.

Upcoming milestones include the launch of their paper wallet, development of their directory listing and ICO watch list platforms, building a payment gateway and marketing, amongst others.

CDZC Android Wallet

The Android wallet is one of the project’s most viable product. The app allows users to manage their funds on-the-go and from a single interface.

The first version of the wallet enables basic $CDZC transactions including sending and receiving of $CDZC via addresses or QR codes. Users can also keep track of their transactions on the easy-to-use interface.


CryptoDezire comprises of a 7-man team headed by Sankalp Tewari. The team comprises of experts in several fields with experience cutting across cryptography, programming and marketing.

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