Masternode News Announcements (Telegram)

  • Lizus mandatory hard fork. Update before block 259860 Github
  • Manocoin $MANO will launch on monday 4th, 4PM UTC Website
  • Shekel Technologies launches masternode hosting platform MNHost Website
  • Cliff On Crypto talks about GINcoin and their one-click-masternode-setup Youtube
  • GenesisX has launched their masternodes Website
  • EPIC listed on CryptoBridge
  • CryptoBridge’s Tenth Staking Payout to BridgeCoin Stakers. Increased by 31.54% Medium
  • Lykos Coin announcement Website
  • Stakenet will launch on 30 June Tweet
  • Arion $ARION Stats Live Link

@MasternodeHQ (Twitter)

  • Stakenet 2018 Roadmap Link
  • Galactrum now offers a Telegram Group bridged to our Discord Link
  • CareBit $CARE is doing tiered masternodes Tweet
  • FleaCoin $FLEA has been upgraded, deposits and withdrawels have been re-enabled Tweet
  • FleaCoin $FLEA reached 100 masternodes
  • Dash released v12.3 for testing Tweet
  • AdultChain $XXX has been added to Tweet (Website)

  • Enchant $ENCH has been added to the platform as an #ICO with highlighted row Link
  • Herb $HERB has been added to the platform Link
  • Lunique $LUQ has been added to the platform Link

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