• Buzz: NDS Explores Blockchain Solutions With Ambrosus!
  • Buzz: Hexxcoin to Become Gravity Coin as Part of Rebranding Process!
  • Polis launched their new website
  • GIN Platform weekly report on Medium.
  • Ambrosus has been selected as top 50 crypto companies in CryptoValley Switzerland.
  • Monkey Project updated their tracking app, more on Twitter.
  • GoldPokercoin has been listed on the Gentarium hosting platform.
  • "PURA Blockchain Goes the World – The Rough Road to Crypto in Vietnam" on their Website.
  • TE-FOOD was invited by MIT to participate and hold a speech on the Blockchain Applications in Supply Chain Management roundtable event in Boston. More on Medium.
  • PepeCoin / Memetic has undergone a halving: New reward schedule is 1.89375 for Miners and 1.40625 for MasterToads.
  • Terracoin weekly update on Medium. (Website)

  • Divi Project $DIVI has added 5 Tiers to the MNO platform and to the #Tiers Tab.
  • DogeCash $DOGEC has been added to the MNO platform.
  • IoTNexus $IOTN has been added to the MNO platform.
  • RDCToken $RDCT has been added to the MNO platform.

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