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  • Launching Eclipse: The opportunity to check validity of all clicks and leads, receive only high quality traffic. Absolutely transparent statistics stored in the inhouse-developed blockchain. More information on their Website and Discord!



  • Buzz: GoByte Interview Part 2!
  • Buzz: Dash Introduces Long Living Masternode Quorums!
  • Luxcore weekly report on Medium.
  • GoByte "Bringing you Effortless Crypto Payments" article on Medium.
  • PAC talking mobile game and dev interview on YouTube.
  • Monkeyproject node tracker listed Deviantcoin.
  • Phore: Tom Berg, Managing Partner of The Digital Ledger, Joins Phore Blockchain as Strategic Advisor. More on Medium.
  • Gin Platform weekly report on Medium.
  • Ambrosus talks about "Enabling the Smart City Revolution" on Medium.
  • VeChain compensated VTHO to VET holders based on the balance and nodes status as of Aug 31th.
  • VeChain Paris meetup is now open for registration. Join the meetup at 6 pm on September 21st in VeChain's Paris office, Station F.
  • Gentarium monthly report on Medium.
  • Gentarium will be listed on Cryptopia on 17th September at 3 pm NZST according to their Twitter.
  • Bitcoin Green Q3 Progress Report on Twitter.
  • Terracoin weekly update on Medium.

Hosting Platform Listings

  • AdultChain XXX is now listed on the Armageddon Masternode platform.
  • Apollon listed Birake on their hosting platform.
  • Gentarium listed Evos, MasterCoin and XDNA.

Masternodes.online (Website)

  • ECLIPSE $EPS has been added as an #ICO to the MNO platform and to the ICO tab.
  • Vitae $VITAE has been added to the MNO platform.

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