Masternode Buzz

  • We are very happy to announce Graft $GRFT as our newest Buzz Backer! Graft is an alternative payment network offering security to the buyer, great features and fees to the seller, and earning opportunities for all.
  • Trittium Begins Operation of Cold Node Hosting! [Link]
  • CPChain’s Wurong Intelligence Becomes Tech Partners of BMW China! [Link]
  • Upcoming: Graft Blockchain Releases RTA Supernode Mining and Stimulus Plan! [Link]
  • Best Performing Masternodes #week11! [Link]
  • Polis Integrates DigiByte, Zcoin and Groestlcoin on PolisPay! [Link]
  • TomoChain Now Supported by Ledger Nano S! [Link]


  • Graft releases their Supernode on their Blog.
  • 3DCoin talks about their masternode mining fork on their Forum.
  • Terracoin Weekly update on Medium.
  • Loki talks about infinite staking on Medium.
  • LUXCORE announces their in-house blockchain explorer on Medium.
  • ION revises their block reward on their Blog.
  • PIVX announces their Singapore strategy on their Blog.
  • Divi Project announces the end of their coinswap from DIVX to DIVI on their Blog.
  • SysCoin weekly update on Medium.
  • Safe Haven announces their new strategic planning advisor on Medium.
  • Blocknet announces their listing on Delta Direct on Medium.
  • Trittium weekly report on Medium.
  • Polis weekly update on Medium.
  • Dash announces their PolisPay listing on Medium.

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