• Buzz: Zcoin Ledger Wallet Support!
  • GIN Platform adds XDNA tiered nodes and HempCoin to their hosting platform.
  • TE-FOOD published their masternode AMA on Reddit.
  • Bulwark published their community forum.
  • BiblePay (BBP) is trading live on decentralized exchange CryptoBridge.
  • Terracoin Weekly Update on Medium.
  • Renos Blockchain Funded Governance article on Medium.
  • ZenCash Super Node earnings started today.
  • DiamondCoin released a new non-mandatory v3.0.1.2 update.
  • Rupee is now trading on
  • Eazynode is live on CryptoBridge. (Website)

  • Mirai $MRI has been added to the platform.

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