• CPChain launched their new website.
  • VeChain: Binance Supports $VEN Mainnet Swap and Adds $VEN/USDT Trading Pair.
  • Carebit: Once the tracking tool is ready, our first project on it will be to raise $Care coins for #Guatemala, to buy medicine. An invoice will be provided to show how much $Care needs to be collected, and a receipt as well when the medicines have been bought.
  • NextON celebrates their 1500 Discord members milestone.
  • PIVX Light Wallet will be available on Tuesday, June 26th.
  • Renos "Thank You" article on Medium.
  • SmartCash releases version 1.2.0 on PPA (use apt-get to upgrade).
  • Nodium updated their white paper to V1.4 PDF.
  • Buzz: TE-FOOD and Deloitte Hungary have signed a Cooperation Agreement!
  • Deviant Coin completed their swap snapshot (More information). (Website)

  • SPEDO $SPO has been added to the platform.
  • New Power Coin $NPW has been added to the platform.
  • $PAXEX has been added to the platform.

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