• Buzz: MYCE decentralized customer support on CryptoBridge!
  • Buzz: #PIVX Interview Part 1!
  • Force Network is on @coinlibio.
  • ZenCash Super Nodes go into beta testing on July 10.
  • Gin Platform added Solaris and Motion Coin masternode hosting.
  • Gin Platform weekly report on Medium.
  • ZenCash is listed at online marketplace BYCRYP.
  • LightPayCoin has launched their Android wallet.
  • LightPayCoin and the University of Central Florida will cooperate in the implementation of contactless payments using NFC technology.
  • JIYO will fork with a 5:1 ratio, more information in their Discord.
  • DigitalPrice added StakeNet to their masternode hosting service.
  • TerraCoin: There is something going on with the network, which we are trying to pin down. is more susceptible to the network issue, so we recommend rolling back both your local wallet and your masternode to unless you are a miner or a mining pool.
  • Renos is building decentralized exchange 'ReDex'.
  • KeycoBot will add placing bets on football to their Telegram bot. (Website)

  • $IQ has been added to the platform.
  • Bitcoin W Spectrum $BWS has been added to the platform.

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