Daily Sponsor

  • Blacer Coin: Global Gaming Powered by Blockchain!
  • Blacer Coin is a blockchain project that is revolutionizing the e-sport arena. The project allows different tiers of gamers (beginner, intermediate, or advanced gamers) from around the world to participate in both online and offline tournaments. More information on their Website.


Masternode Buzz

  • Best Performing Masternodes #week6! [Link]
  • Stakenet Gets Added to Ledger Hardware Wallet! [Link]
  • Upcoming: Safe Haven Set to Roll Out Masternode Program and Governance Model in the Coming Weeks! [Link]
  • KYDcoin $KYD Interview with CMO Davey van Weenen! [Link]
  • Masternode Monday: February Marketcap Analyses by Omni Analytics! [Link]
  • Monthly Buzz Backers February 2019 Update! [Link]
  • Crypto-based Startup, Staked, Pulls Heavy Weight Investors in $4.5 Million Seed Round! [Link]


  • Weekly Terracoin update on Medium.
  • PIVX sponsors youth robotics team Javawockies on their Blog.
  • Dash News: "Isabel Interviews Dash Merchant Tu Gruero A Car Recovery Service in Venezuela" on YouTube.
  • Zcoin development update on their Blog.
  • SmartCash weekly update on their Website.
  • SmartCash demonstrates their payment solution in a Dutch antique store on YouTube.
  • ION mandatory wallet update on their Blog.
  • ColossusXT talks crypto security on Medium.
  • Crown Platform development Q&A on Medium.
  • SysCoin weekly community update on Medium.
  • Polis weekly update on Medium.
  • Horizen's latest upgrades fixes zk-snarks vulnerability on their Website.
  • NIX Platform is now supported on Ledger [Medium].
  • Bitcoin Green monthly report on Medium.
  • PACcoin quarterly treasury report on their Blog.
  • Ambrosus Progress report on Medium.
  • Trittium weekly report on Medium.

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