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  • Midas.Investments, the easiest instant shared masternode service with automatic payouts and different investment instruments, is launching their masternode coin today with 2k% ROI, 25% buyback system from the platform's income, the actual coin use and revealed team.
    Yesterday Midas and Trittium help a q&a voice session. You can find a summary of the talk on Medium.
    The auction for 2 masternodes will take place today on Midas's Discord.


  • Buzz: We are very happy to have Terracoin $TRC — one of the oldest cryptocoins in existence — as our Premium Backer! With their help we can further promote the Masternode sector and spread the news!
  • Buzz: TE_FOOD Masternodes Strict Selection Process!
  • Zoin Monthly report about September 2018 Progress on their Website.
  • Ambrosus: In-Depth: the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Supply Chain on AMB-NET on their Blog.
  • Stake & Nodes Podcast Episode 14 with @IraFudmore and @TheCrytpoCartel on SoundCloud.
  • Stipend will participate in the Delta Summit 2018: "For clarification, we are the only Masternode coin invited to the Delta Summit and one of only 10 start ups that are exhibiting."
  • Loki weekly dev update on Twitter.
  • Rupaya's coin swap will take place today.
  • Rupaya launches new logo design on Medium.
  • Horizen partnered with Netcoins to bring ZEN to more than 21,000 retail locations.
  • Blocknet talks about their Q3 and Q4 roadmap on Medium.
  • Solaris weekly update on Medium.
  • CPChain: How to Improve Public Safety with Data Traceability on Medium.
  • PIVX has been listed on cryptocurrency multi-wallet SatoWallet.
  • Dash Podcast 71 – Feat. Ash Francis from eWallet on YouTube.
  • Crown: "Please temporarily refrain from making transactions, the $CRW network is not stable at the moment. The issue is being investigated by the developers".
  • The Syscoin Platform 3.x whitepaper summary is now available at sycoin.org.

Masternodes.online (Website)

  • POIX $POIX has been added to the MNO platform.

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