• Buzz: ZenCash Super Nodes Started Earning!
  • Ambrosus announced their masternode timeline on their blog.
  • PIVX @Hacker0x01 bug bounty program is live.
  • APR has been integrated into the @The_Blocknet protocol.
  • Bulwark has been listed on MYCE.
  • Trittium was removed from JAM (Just another Masternode) by StakeAndNodes.
  • Phore partners with Platinum Circle! $PHR will Co-Chair The Global Assets and Wealth Initiative (GAW), & GAW Forum in Singapore this Aug to discuss DLT & Blockchain with global businesses: government leaders & private investors. More on Medium.
  • VeChain: The first VTHO Trading pair VTHO/ETH is now live on
  • IQcash development team decided to implement a web-based tool for a convenient way to track DAO proposals with ability to vote for them straight from the same interface.
  • XDNA Montly Report on Medium.
  • Terracoin is now officially a 5 star coin on Cryptopia, Out of 592 coins on Cryptopia only 7 have 5 stars. (Website)

  • Help The Homeless $HTH has been added to the platform.

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