• Buzz: Loki Launched Their Service Nodes!
  • ColossusXT a year in review on Medium.
  • ALQO Bitfineon BETA will be available end of Q3. To gain BETA access, sign-up for the exclusive early-bird promo.
  • ALQO refreshed their brand and roadmap on their website.
  • VeChain special on 'Advancements with Ted Danson' on Vimeo.
  • Bitcoin Green shows BITGEX sneak preview, a Proof-of-Stake exchange they are building. More on Twitter.
  • PIVXpress update on YouTube.
  • POLIS deposits and withdrawals have been enabled in CryptoBridge.
  • OmniAnalytics masternode social media rankings on Twitter.

Hosting Platform Listings

  • MYCE can now host and monitor PACcoin and KYDcoin masternodes.
  • Armageddon Platform added Monkey Project masternode hosting.

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