Here's a quick rundown of some of the news appearing on today's DailyBuzz.

Both Luxcore and Blockswap have revealed their rebranding plans. While Luxcore will be changing its name to Luxcore Technologies, Blockswap will be rebranding to Chainflip. Blockswap cited unexpected competition for its domain and SEO namespace as the reason for the rebrand. In the same vein, TE-FOOD will be changing the name of its FoodChain to TrustChain to reflect a wider focus.

Meanwhile, the Energi Bureau of Investigations claims that its EBI recovery tool has helped reduced cybercrime by up to 70%.

Still on general masternode news, TomoChain has sealed a partnership with Bluzelle. TomoChain will be using Bluzelle Oracles to enable real-time price feeds, whilst enhacing its DeFi offerings.

From our Premium Backers, Divi has been listed on BitMax, a top-50 crypto exchange and TELOS Coin Peertoro will be sponsoring a local soccer club.

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