• Buzz: Divi Interview With CEO Geoff McCabe Part 1!
  • Hexxcoin $HXX will rebrand to Gravity Coin $GXX.
  • CatoCoin and DogeCashCoin have been listed on the Gentarium platform.
  • Ionomy Platform 3.0 going live TOMORROW at 4PM UTC.
  • Omni Analytics identified which masternodes have fiat gateways on Twitter.
  • BiblePay Upgrade v1.1.5.9 - Mandatory Upgrade for Masternodes (Sanctuaries).
  • Solaris weekly update on Medium.
  • will be giving presentations in Singapore 26 October: Open workshops and an investors' dinner.
  • Crown $CRW is celebrating their 4th birthday today, launched on the 8th of October 2014.
  • Loki weekly development update on Twitter.
  • ColossusXT did their Q3 AMA on Reddit.
  • Bulwark is celebrating their 1500 masternodes milestone.

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