• Buzz: Gentarium Gets Added to Cryptopia!
  • Kalkulus announced their new roadmap including reduction of coin emission to reduce inflation, TheHub GUI improvements and the launch of budget governance.
  • StakeAndNodes Podcast 13 with RupayaCoin team discussion on SoundCloud.
  • ALQO hosted an AMA on YouTube.
  • Luxcore appoints senior smart contract specialist to advisory committee on Medium.
  • Horizen announced their apparel fall collection for their store in their Newsletter.

Hosting Platform Listings

  • MYCE added Kalkulus to their hosting solution. (Website)

  • SafeInsure $SINS has been added to the MNO platform.
  • DIRECT COIN $XDRC has been added to the MNO platform.
  • ParadiseCoin $PRD has been added as an #ICO to the MNO platform and to the ICO tab.

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