Direct Announcements

  • VeChain Executive Financial Report vol.3 is now available. This report covers the period February through April 2018 on Medium.
  • VeChain: The #VeChainThor Public Testnet is now available.
  • VeChain: INPI Asia and ITP have signed an exclusive deal with Jakarta's national government and private sectors. These entities validate data and documents via the VeChainThor Blockchain using their proprietary dApps KryptoCloud, DocKrypto, and KryptoMobile.
  • VeChain: We have opened a bug bounty program on Hackenproof platform for all users, successful participants will be rewarded VET.
  • Galactrum is beta testing their new wallet:

Masternode News Announcements (Telegram)

  • Pirl has launched their new website.
  • Castle $CSTL will start chain swap on 12th of June [Link].
  • Pirl announces beta testing of "PirlPay" [Link].

@MasternodeHQ Highlights (Twitter)

  • Nodium has reached the 1000 masternodes milestone.
  • HEXX is now listed at TradeSatoshi
  • KeycoBOT implemented contact list features inside their chat bot:
    Schermafbeelding-2018-06-09-om-20.37.20 (Website)

  • NextON $NXTON has been added to the platform as an #ICO with highlighted row & found in the ICO tab.

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